[Test]Build 13

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[Test]Build 13

Post by Armelin » March 15th, 2019, 4:43 pm

Enabled animations looping,
Fixed some EFLC game doors being always closed,
Made significant changes to the Servers list fixing game many detection issues and some problems where clicking on the Connect button didn't give any response.

Fix getPlayerHealth typos,
Added setVehicleHood and setVehicleTrunk (bool to open/close),
Added getPlayerHeading,
Fixed invalid function parameters requirements for isPlayerInAnyVehicle,
Added the LC Bank doors to the known doors list,
Added setWorldMinuteDuration(worldId, ms seconds or 0 to freeze time)

createBlip can now accept a blip name param

Code: Select all

Float posX, Float posY, Float posZ, Int blipSprite, Int rgba, Int virtualWorld, Int streamDistace, Bool showToAll, String Name
Added createExplosion(playerid, x, y, z, int explosion typ (0-2), float intesity (0.0-1.0), float camShake (0.0-1.0),
Added forceSitNow(playerid) -Searches the nearest object to sit on
setSitIdleAnim(playerid, animGroup, animAnim, int unkownFlag (0 or 1))

Added playSound

Code: Select all

playSound(playerid, soundName, uniqueId or -1)
playSound(playerid, soundName, uniqueId or -1, x, y, z)
--Use -1 when the sound doesn't loop
local x, y, z = getPlayerPos(playerid)
playSound(playerid, "GENERAL_WEAPONS_ROCKET_LOOP", 5, x, y, z)
Added stopSound(playerid, uniqueId)

EFLC client

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Re: [Test]Build 13

Post by Kawashty » March 22nd, 2019, 4:05 am

I gave full control permissions over all the folder,I installed the client by copying the files into the directory.


Re: [Test]Build 13

Post by Armelin » March 24th, 2019, 3:06 pm

Did you install the full client before installing build 13? Also post a picture of the comMP folder.

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