IV:MP T4 Manual

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IV:MP T4 Manual

Post by WuskieFTW » January 27th, 2018, 8:01 pm


GTA 4: Complete Edition
also available for GTA Episodes From Liberty City and patch or
and GTA 4 and

Server Installation

Just extract this to a folder and you are done! Make sure you forward Port 8888 for TCP & UDP as the default port.

Client Installation

Or choose from the manual installations
Manual installation: extract the IV:MP Zip onto your game folder, same folder as "EFLC.exe" or "GTAIV.exe", then make a retail folder inside your game files. Make a copy of your Game and paste your exe into that folder. When you are setting up your IV:MP set your installation to the exe in your game/retail folder.


Start "ivmpGameLauncher.exe".
(Admin rights might be needed depending on your OS)

IVMP Dialog

Select the server you wish and then click on "Connect"
(IV:MP should start your game and connect to the server automatically)


Black screen shows but the game won't start
IV:MP isn't able to locate EFLC/GTAIV, try opening the game launcher using admin rights

MSCVP140 is missing or error 0xc00007b
You either don't have the C++ 2017 redistributable or it's corrupted. Reinstall the x86 redistributable with the link provided above.

Game loads Single Player not IV:MP
Remove ALL your .asi mods and ScriptHooks dlls, these mods aren't compatible with IV:MP.

The servers browser can't find any servers
Allow "ivmpGameLauncher.exe" to use port 8889 UDP

Game camera is stuck The Triangle Square
Remove ALL your .asi mods and reopen the game.

Game is unable to connect to any servers
Allow "EFLC.exe" and "Client.dll" to use port 8888 UDP

Game crashes once it stops loading
Remove your game mods, especially .asi mods

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