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How to install IV:MP T4

Posted: Tue Oct 05, 2021 7:37 pm
by BlueCat
How to install IV:MP T4

This guide is to help those installing IV:MP T4

If you are planning on installing on GTA IV { or} or EFLC { or}
it is simple, download the files for your respective versions, drag the files into your
game directory, and run ivmpGameLauncher.exe

GTA IV: ...
EFLC: ...

If you are planning on installing on the Complete Edition though, things are a little more complex.

First, download the CE files ... JnQ-huLu10
Than, drag all files into your game directory
After that, right click, than click edit on the Install_Reg_Edit_x00.reg that applies to your system (x32 or x64)
Now, copy your directory location and paste to replace "C:\\Program Files\\Rockstar Games\\Grand Theft Auto IV - Episodes From Liberty City" (ensure quotation marks are there)
After that, run the .reg file, than launch ivmpGameLauncher.exe, and ENJOY! :D

Video on how to install IV:MP on CE: