28/01/18 Test results

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28/01/18 Test results

Post by Suge » Tue Jan 30, 2018 3:29 am


On Sunday 28/01/18 Argonath RPG hosted a public test with success, running with 30 players stable and peaking 35 players. The server ran for 10 hours before being closed.

What's next

Another public test is scheduled for next Sunday 04/02/18, we recommend players to get their games working before the test start so you don't miss the fun. This time we would like to see 50 players.


Changed the vehicle entry code, fixes invalid requests if the vehicle is desynced.
Fixed the first chat input not showing while T wasnt fully released.
Chat settings are now loading from config/graphics.txt.
Reworked player list hide/show code, should be more stable for players that were having issues.
Client files must be updated, re-download

About Argonath RPG

For rules and tutorials please join wiki.argonathrpg.eu and argonathrpg.eu

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