IV:MP T4 Manual

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IV:MP T4 Manual

Post by Suge » Sun Jan 28, 2018 2:01 am


Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 redistribute
GTA Episodes From Liberty City and patch


Download the Client package
Unpack all files onto your EFLC folder, same folder as "EFLC.exe"


Inside "comMP" start "ivmpGameLauncher.exe".
(Admin rights might be needed depending on your OS)

IVMP Dialog

Click on "Featured" or "Internet" to browse for servers
Select the server you wish and then click on "Connect"
(IV:MP should start your EFLC game and connect to the server automatically)

*It's possible to test the Client by starting "ClientLauncher.exe"


Game won't start (caused by IV:MP files)
Try starting "ClientLauncher.exe" with admin rights

The servers browser can't find any servers
Allow "ivmpGameLauncher.exe" to use port 8889 UDP

Game camera is stuck The Triangle Square
Remove ALL your .asi mods and reopen the game. Or try to click on "Connect" again

Game is unable to connect to any servers
1-Make sure you are using the correct Client version, it changes from test to test
2-Allow "EFLC.exe" and "Client.dll" to use port 8888 UDP

Game crashes once it stops loading
Remove your game mods, especially .asi mods

For more support create a new topic with as much detail as possible

Known issues

Player list ping only updates if the player is close
Entering vehicles from the passengers seat is glitchy


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